New Year Resolution to Lose Weight So I Bought a New Blender

In this New Year I have made a resolution and my resolution is to lose weight. I am a lazy person and going to a gym is a tiring job for me. So I decided to maintain a healthy diet through different vegetables and healthy fruits. That is the reason I have bought a new blender for me.

For breakfast, I blend different fruits that I get during the season. Lately, I am not getting enough watermelon. I love mini watermelons and enjoy a whole one during breakfast. The blender that I have bought is good for making juice, so I cut the watermelon in small pieces and enjoy a healthy juice. I also add few cubes of ice into it to make it a decent one.

For lunch, I choose to cut strawberries and mangoes and mix them together. I cut the mangoes and strawberries and put them in the blender. This blends the fruits and makes me a nice juice to enjoy. I use 2 mangoes and 2 to 3 cups of strawberries. It is a good and healthy drink during the afternoon and also helps in maintaining a good body structure.

For dinner, I like smoothies which contain vegetables and fruits. A favorite smoothie of mine has the following fresh ingredients which I put inside one of the markets best blenders. Two cups of pineapple, a piece of beet, ½ red pepper, one small cup of blueberries, two cups spinach, a cup of broccoli, 1-2 radishes, one carrot, and whatever I feel healthy I put it in the mixture. This may sound a little odd but i can surely assure you it is tasty, filling and is full of nutrition. The good thing about smoothies is that it is very easy to make by the help of a blender.

With the help of a blender I am now able to make different kinds of smoothies and juice which are tasty and healthy at the same time. I have a very powerful one with nearly 600 watts and have few optional blades. When I bought the Ninja BL700 I was also offered few blades which are used in different purpose. It is black in color and is small in size but it is very efficient in doing its job. The blender is very powerful and can even crush ice and can chop hard and raw vegetables and fruits. The blender is very precious to me and has helped me a lot to lose my weight. My blender is a branded one, I have invested few extra dollars on a brand and I am satisfied with the product. I use the machine frequently and I don’t even have to worry about repairing. I surely made the right choice and bought the blender in this New Year.

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