Stoney Creek Backup Plan!

Hello everyone, well I am sort of trapped right now in my own thoughts. Well actually not really. I have been trying to decide on what type of portable generator I need. The first thing I know that I need is a gasoline powered vice a propane powered. The Generac portable generators that my neighbor has is quiet and it runs on gas. This is because I want the ability to fill it up and go and not have to worry about propane. But this is just the first deciding factor in my most important decision in buying one of these generators.

I spent a few hours the other day at the local home improvement store and walked the isles over and over again looking at different models and specs on the many different types of generators. The Generac generators had the greatest look to them and still the quiet factor has come into play. I asked the floor guy if he could start some of them up so I could see how loud it was, and again the Generac portable generators was the quietest. It was really quiet. I was amazed also that compared to the other power generated comparable it was the least expensive. Plus the Generac portable generators came with a life time warranty on all parts and service.

So if you read above with all the proof that I decided on buying a Generac portable or a Champion generator, but you would be mistaken. I just cannot decide on the type. There are so many different types for so many different types of applications. They have them for home, work, or play applications. The main benefits of using Generac portable generators are numerous. Their reliability and portability are second to none. But most of all they are extremely fuel efficient. They won’t gobble up the gasoline as fast as the other generators on display at the store. And most of all, the Generac portable generators are quiet. Thanks in part to their inherently quite four stroke engines they hay very low decibel level outputs.

The store clerk gave me some advice and asked me a few questions. The importance of buying a generator and the type comes down to what I will use the generator for. How quite do I need the generator to be. What type of peak power output will I need. Will I be using the generator for work, play, or for the home. Ease of starting, and warranty. With all these factors involved I believe my one and only true choice would be the line of Generac portable generators.

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