Stony Creek’s New Look – Pressured Washed!

We’re going with an informative post today. I recently picked up a side job last week and was able to dust off my trusty pressure washer. I was able to win a bid on a job that involved me washing this ladies house. Last week I was all ready to and I started up my washer and the lady came out and was completely amazed by my machine – as if she had never seen or heard of a pressure washer. She asked how it worked and I that got me thinking – how many people actually know how these useful machine run?

The use of modern technology is essentially with the aim of lessening the amount of effort required on the part of the users. The modern appliances and equipment have made life so much the easier for their human owners with a judicious mix of power and application. The same holds true for the pressure washers that help in taking care of even the most bothersome of stains and grime. These pressure washer pumps use high-pressure jets to water to take care of items stuck to various surfaces and are proving to be extremely difficult to remove. Users can use the jets of water to blast off these pieces of muck and grime attached to the walls of floor of their homes. Therefore, these pressure washers can help their users in getting rid of back breaking scrubbing and wiping of the floors and walls to get them squeaky clean.

The pressure washers use the combination of a garden hose and air compressor to create a jet of water powerful enough to remove even the most challenging of stuck-on materials from the walls and floors. The pressure washer creates the jet stream with the help of the motor, which typically runs on electricity or gasoline. The motor creates the water pressure by powering the air intake system. This air intake system in turn helps in building the air pressure in an accompanying tank of the pressure washer. A garden hose provides water to the pressure washer from a separate water tank. The pressure rated water hose attached to the washer provides the water for the creation of the high-pressure jet of water. The water gun at the end of the hose contains the trigger that sets of the water stream from the pressure washer. This water gun resembles the pressure guns in use at the car washes and the user need to pull its trigger to let the water mix with the sir coming out of the air intake tank. The air and water mixes and comes out of the nozzle as a jet stream of water.

The effectiveness and power of the water stream also depends on the angle of the detachable nozzle. The strength of the stream decreases with an increase in the angle of the nozzle. Thus, zero degree nozzles produce the narrowest and most powerful of water streams. The type of fuel powering the motor determines whether the pressure washer is an electric or gasoline pressure washer.

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