The Creek Gym Now Boasts Of An Extensive Line Of Treadmills

Time for us Stony Creek residents to treadmill towards a healthier lifestyle. Granted, as a community we are a bit laid back, easy on the joints kind of folks but with the new line of treadmills at Creek gym, courtesy of it is about time that changed!

At first, the gym faced a huge uphill battle trying to secure a line of treadmills that would stay within the city hall’s budget and yet bring out the best for the town’s residents. After much research, we came across this website that not only gave detailed and really useful information regarding the latest treadmills reviews but also provided lots of useful workout and fitness ideas, which we are proud to say is not a part of Creek Gym’s rooster.

But above all, it was the generosity of TreadmillPros that caught us off guard and a major reason why our town now has state-of-the-art treadmills without spending a lot. They happened to have a few good ones lying around unused and yet to be bartered off. When we asked them to help us source a few reliable second hand pieces through their contacts, they were prompt to suggest their stock, which is no more than a few months old. Practically brand new, we found their trial products were from notable brands such as Stamina, Sole, Proform, Precor and others.

We are happy to inform that our beloved Creek Gym now boasts of a half-dozen near new condition treadmills with features like incline, speed and automated assist, multiple cardio and user settings and even month’s of warranty remaining on each unit. Come experience the new Creek Gym cardio fitness routines today sponsored by TreadmillPros!

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